Personal Shoppers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Many Federation members are among those most vulnerable to the coronavirus. They are 60 or older, some with compromised immune systems or medical conditions that make it especially dangerous to be exposed to others.

Susan and I have tried to stay home as much as possible but have needed to replenish groceries. To minimize our exposure we have experimented with scheduled pickup and home delivery but have been disappointed with the results. We have heard similar stories from other friends.

Some communities have established personal shopper networks, either volunteer or paid. They employ people who are not in the “vulnerable cohort”—i.e. young and healthy or those who are young and have already recovered from the virus. 

I would like to ask your assistance:

  1. If you are interested in having a personal shopper please let me know at If you know of someone who might be interested, please tell them about this or forward their name and contact information.
  2. If you are NOT a member of the “vulnerable cohort” and would be willing to be a personal shopper please contact me also at Again, if you know of someone who might be interested in serving as a personal shopper, please tell them about this or forward their name and contact information to me. 

I will try to match people up and make whatever arrangements need to be made for compensation for time, gas/mileage etc for the personal shoppers. Thanks for your help! 

Please also note that our Congregate Meals Program served at Temple Beth El remains closed until at least April 30. We will inform you of any change. However those who want kosher meals or Indian meals can still arrange for delivery or pickup. For those 60 or over there is a suggested donation of $3 per meal. For others there is a charge of $8 per meal. Please contact Susan Low at or 810 429-7467 if you are interested.


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