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Hebrew Free Loan

Can there be a more frightening experience than waking up one day to find your comfortable life falling apart? Jewish community members who live that scenario (and so many others where cash-flow is needed) are looking for assistance but may be afraid to ask for help.

Here is where HFL comes in. Our goal is to provide all the individuals who walk through our door with dignity and respect. That’s Gemilut Chasidim–acts of loving kindness. It’s about helping people to help themselves. Whether HFL is offering borrowers a way out of financial distress or helping entrepreneurs to realize their lifelong dreams, our recipients are given the opportunity to achieve self-sufficiency while setting up a workable plan to repay the interest-free loans.

The best part of the HFL equation is that our 98.5 percent payback rate from loan borrowers allows HFL to redistribute funds to others in need, continuing our mission over time.

More Information
Below is a playlist of six videos which tell the story and incredible impact of the Hebrew Free Loan program. You can click on the upper left corner to see a list of the videos.