Endowment Development

Endowment Development Department of the Flint Jewish Federation is the equivalent of other communities’ Foundation.  FJF has 23 endowments under management that are for the benefit of the Flint Area Jewish Community and its members. The Flint Jewish Federation recognizes the generosity and vision of those who provide permanent funding for campaign and services to the FJF Permanent Endowment Fund program.





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Are you challenged each year
to think of unique gifts?

A contribution to Flint Jewish Federation in lieu of fruit baskets, gift certificates, or other presents is a wonderful and meaningful way to show your appreciation.  For a minimum contribution, FJF will provide a tribute acknowledgment card with your name to be sent to your friend or associates.

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Endowment Funding


Bequest through a will, trust or codicil, reduce your taxable estate.  FJF maybe the direct or contingent beneficiary of a specific sum, a percentage of the estate or be named as the remainder beneficiary.

Named Endowment Fund, initiated in honor / memory of a loved one (minimum $10,000), are invested to keep giving in perpetuity and may be earmarked for special purposes or for FJF to use where most needed.

Pooled Income Fund can provide an income for life when donors contribute cash, securities or certain types of property to FJF. Life Insurance Gifts, made by contributing an unneeded policy, buying a new policy, or naming FJF as the beneficiary, provide tax benefits and ensure the continuation of FJF.
Charitable Trust created by gifts of cash, stocks, bonds, real estate or life insurance, provide life income for you or a loved one as well as substantial tax savings. Retirement Plan Gifts, providing estate tax benefits, are established when FJF is named as the beneficiary to your IRA, Keogh or other plan.


Call 810-767-5922 for information about giving opportunities through FJF 


Funds organized by type – To donate click on the endowment name.

A PACE is a Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment. These funds contribute annual to the FJF/UJA Annual Campaign. Some may  have (UJA) United Jewish Appeal in their name.

  • Naomi Berg Fund in Memory of J&F Berg for perpetual UJA gifts
  • Sander Goodstein PACE
  • Ruth Dodge PACE
  • Ed Elk PACE
Award endowment funds fund award to recognize individual contributions to the community.

  • Pelavin Leadership Award Fund – for young adult leader
  • Sonia Schafer Award Fund – UJA Annual campaign Women’s division leader
  • Schafer Youth Leadership Award Fund – Flint Jewish high school student leadership
  • Jerry Schreiber Volunteer Recognition Fund – annual  Jewish Community Services (JCS) Jerry Schrieber Volunteer Recognition Event & Volunteer Award



Educational endowment funds are for Jewish and college education of members of the Greater Flint Jewish community.

  • Gary Alter Education Fund
  • Lebster Fund – advanced Jewish education and culture among Flint Jewish youth
  • Agree Scholarship – college grants and free loans
  • Stanley Education Scholarship – scholarships (grants) from nursery school through college within the United States
  • Schafer Scholarship Fund – youth Jewish education and Jewish continuity
  • Minna Saxon Higher Education Scholarship Fund –  upper level undergraduates, graduate or professional school students
Israel travel

These funds provide grants for youth and young adults to travel to Israel.

  • Bernard Endowment
  • Sendler Scholarship – voucher given to Flint area Jewish young at their Bar or Bat Mitzvah to be used by19th birthdate
  • Barney Sherman Fund
  • Adeline Loikrec Endowment – cultural and artistic activities, college and university scholarships, programs promotion, senior citizens transportation to and from community programs and affairs
  • General Endowment – funds endowment development
  • Martin Podolsky Community Relation Council Fund -community/cultural events
These endowment funds fund Senior Programming