Watch Piers Morgan’s explosive interview with author and journalist Douglas Murray on the Israel-Gaza border. Douglas Murray says evidence of Hamas’s October 7 attack on Israel can be seen “everywhere”, while telling Piers that sounds in the background are artillery shells which are Israel’s “answer” to Hamas.

We mourn the loss of innocent people murdered by Hamas terrorists. And, we pray for the safety of those who have been injured and the safe return of those who have been kidnapped. 

Jewish Federations across North America stand in solidarity with Israel. 

Jewish Federations are responding, working with our core partners to support victims of terror, help rebuild damaged infrastructure, and address the unprecedent levels of trauma caused by this horrific attack.

Now, more than ever, they need your support. Israel will prevail and the Jewish people will stand together as we always do. Am Yisrael Chai.

Funds for Victims of Terror


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Where the Money Goes

Basic Needs

Food and financial assistance for impacted families, the elderly, and the homebound.

Evacuation, Housing, Respite, and Support for Frontline Communities

Including support for communities under fire and for new olim living in absorption centers through evacuations, temporary housing, respite trips, children’s activities, and increased security.

Funds for Victims of Terror

The Jewish Agency for Israel’s Funds for Victims of Terror is a key part of our standing emergency response capacity that provides immediate cash grants to families and individuals who have been impacted by acts of terror and violence, for post-trauma care, etc.

Trauma Relief and Psychosocial Care

To support widescale trauma relief and psychosocial support with expanded capabilities through telephone hotlines; providing direct care to first responders, Lone Soldiers, the injured, and families whose relatives were murdered, injured, or abducted; training and support for caregivers and responders including hospital emergency teams and municipal teams.

Emergency Medical Services and Healthcare

Medical supplies and equipment for first responders and hospitals in close proximity to the front line.

Special Populations

Targeted assistance to vulnerable populations and their caregivers, including the elderly, young children, people living with disabilities, Russian-speaking Israelis, Ethiopian Israelis, Holocaust survivors, and marginalized populations, such as Bedouin communities.

Local Efforts and Volunteers

Israel’s home front has mobilized and funding is needed to enhance capacity and provide operational support to evacuees, special populations, frontline communities, and those responding to the crisis.

Flint Jewish Federation Directory Steven Low on NPR recently to discuss the Israel Hamas War.


Swords of Iron Campaign

Once again, on a holy day of the Jewish calendar, the people of Israel have come under attack. We are facing an unprecedented situation – the largest scale and most brutal slaughter of Israeli civilians that hadn’t been seen since the Yom Yippur war. Over 1,300 innocent civilians – many elderly, women, children and infants were murdered in one day, over 4,000 injured – and the death toll is only rising. Once again, the brave military forces of the State of Israel are responding and will defend our beloved Jewish state. 


And, once again, the Jewish Federations across North America will act immediately and comprehensively to support our brothers and sisters as they defend Israel.


The needs are still evolving in Israel. We will update as we know more.

When collective action is needed, Jewish Federations are there.

Am Yisrael Chai.

What we can do:

1) Share Your Voice: Post on social media, stay up-to-date on the talking points, and keep your friends, family and community members informed.

2) Donate: Jewish Federations have opened a fund to support Israel. Please donate here: Flint Jewish Federation 5080 W. Bristol Suite 3, Flint MI 48507 or call 810 767-5922 or email

Your donations help provide:

          Medical treatment for the wounded

          therapy for those suffering PTSD/trauma,

          relocation  assistance including transportation, housing, food,                                   clothing, and medicine

          protective gear such as flak jackets and helmets

           ambulances and their equipment and supplies


3) Advocate: Tell your federal, state, and local elected officials and representatives to support Israel:


4) Wear Your #BlueRibbonsforIsrael: Communities and leaders across North America are wearing their blue ribbons in solidarity with the hostages taken by Hamas in Israel and their families. Learn more and get your blue ribbon at or from Flint Jewish Federation 5080 W. Bristol, Suite 3 Flint MI


For those who have already made a contribution:  Thank you.  We appreciate your compassion and generosity at this time.  For everyone else thank you for your thoughts and prayers–your support in whatever form you are able to offer it.  It makes a difference.


Steven C. Low, Executive Director

Flint Jewish Federation

5080 W. Bristol, Ste. 3

Flint MI 48507