In Search of Israeli Cuisine

We open the Karen Schneider Jewish film Festival of Flint with a portrait of the Israeli people told through food. Michael Solomonov, the award-winning restaurateur whose book Zahav: A World of Israeli Cuisine is on the New York Times bestseller list, is our guide through profiles of chefs, home cooks, farmers, vintners and cheese makers drawn from the diverse cultures that make up a complex nation.

Review: In Search of Israeli Cuisine

By Gabor Por ()
“Take one part of each: travelogue, anthropology, cooking show, business study, biography, add a whole lotta color and spice and you just created the movie In Search of Israeli Cuisine. …”

Is this the best food documentary of 2016?

by Gerri Miller ( Friday, February 5, 2016) From the Grapevine.
“‘In Search of Israeli Cuisine’ takes a culinary tour of the country and delivers a mouthwatering thrill ride.”

AJFF Review: Finding Questions in the Search for Israeli Cuisine

By Tova Norman (
Karen Schneider Jewish Film Festival of Flint

In Search of Israeli Cuisine

(US 2016; 120 minutes) Not rated
Type:  Documentary
Roger M. Sherman
Director:  Richard Kane
Where: Flint Institute of Art
When:  May 15, 2016 Sunday
Time:    7:00 PM
Cost:     $5.00