2nd Humanity in Harmony Concert

The Flint Jewish Federation announces:

“Second Humanity in Harmony Concert” Daniel Pearl World Music Day

Where:                         McArthur Recital Hall, Flint Institute of Music

Date:                           Sunday October 19, 2014 2PM

Contact:                      Michael J. Thorp – 810-610-7468

Producer/host (michaeljthorp@att.net)

Steven Low – 810-767-5922

Director Flint Jewish Federation steven.charleslow@gmail.com)

Info/photos/Bio’s:       http://humanityinharmony.info/

Humanity-In-Harmony-Daniel-Pearl-World-Music-DayFlint Jewish Federation is bringing Daniel Pearl World Music Day to Flint for the second time, on Sunday October 19 at 2PM at the McArthur Recital hall at the Flint Institute of Music. The “Second Humanity in Harmony Concert” will once again bring music from different cultures, stringing diversity together, using stringed instruments.

With recent events in the Middle East we are reminded of how dangerous a reporter’s life can be. Daniel Pearl was a journalist; a reporter for the Wall Street Journal who was killed in Pakistan while reporting on the unrest in that part of the world. The story was turned into the film “A Mighty Heart” starring Angelina Jolie as his widow.

His family doesn’t dwell on the horrific way he died, but on how he lived. Besides being a reporter Daniel Pearl was an accomplished violinist! The Daniel Pearl Foundation keeps his memory alive through his love of music, creating a “dialog in music.” There are Daniel Pearl World Music Day concerts all over the world. The Flint event is the only one in Michigan.

Steven Low, the Executive Director of the Flint Jewish Federation says music brings people together. “Music is a tie that binds. The same musical instruments make amazingly different sounds when played by people from different cultures. Humanity in Harmony is a way to witness that diversity and hear it all in the same time and place.”

The Moxie StringsThis year’s Humanity in Harmony Concert will once again be an eclectic mix of styles and culture. Performers include The Moxie Strings, an electrifying combination of fiddler, electric cellist and drummer putting a fresh spin on Celtic and Americana music. They will also lead a clinic for Flint Area High School Students at the Flint School of the Performing arts on Saturday October 18, 2014.

Chris Shafkalis and John Pappas, from the band Levendes will bring the strings of Greece with their Greek traditional and modern music.Chris Shafkalis and John Pappas

Sheldon LowReturning to close the show for the second year is Sheldon Low, one of the brightest young stars in Jewish rock music today. If the Beatles, James Taylor, and John Mayer met at Jewish summer camp, it could end up sounding like Sheldon Low.

Aaron Jonah LewisIf it has strings it’s likely that Aaron Jonah Lewis plays it, and plays it very well! He has performed traditional Appalachian and Bluegrass all over the world at major festivals from the US to the UK and from Italy to Finland.

Dort Honors String QuartetFilling out the program will be; the Dort Honors Stringed Quartet from the Flint School of the Performing Arts, Dr. Mike Kassel historian and ukulele man, plus sitar player Vikrant Ahuja.

The Humanity in Harmony Concert is part of an international project created by the Daniel Pearl Foundation, and presented with generous support from the Ravitz Foundation.

The concert supports a scholarship in journalism given by the Flint Journal/M-Live and the Flint Jewish Federation. More information is available from the Flint Journal, and from local journalism teachers. If interested in the master’s clinic with “The Moxie Strings” contact the Flint School of the Performing Arts.

The Humanity in Harmony Concert is set for Sunday October 19 at 2pm at the McArthur Recital Hall at the Flint Institute of Music. Tickets are $10 and will be available at the door. Tickets are also available in advance at the Flint Jewish Federation office, 619 Wallenberg St., Flint, MI. For those who purchase 6 or more tickets, in advance, the cost is $8 each. For more information or tickets call the Flint Jewish Federation at (810) 767-5922 or email amusser@tm.net.