Saturday October 17, 2015 Flint Institute of Music Presented with generous grants from the Ravitz Foundation and MACACA. Register by email: 11:am Resolving Differences through Communication: Conflict Resolution Day October 15th is International Conflict Resolution Day and as part of Humanity in Harmony-Daniel Pearl World Music Days the Flint Area Conflict Resolution Center will present a workshop in resolving issues peacefully. Conflict Resolution Day was conceived in 2005 to find creative ways to resolve conflict. The Conflict Resolution Center staff will present a workshop filled with ways to settle disagreements peacefully in families, schools, businesses or communities. 1: pm Reverend Robert Jones: A hands on guitar lesson in fingerstyle blues Robert jonesA recipient of the prestigious “Keeping the Blues Alive Award” from the national Blues Foundation, Jones has taught hundreds to play the music that is the base of most American popular music. The Blues is found in jazz, rock, rhythm and blues, country, bluegrass, gospel and hip-hop. So if you want to learn to improvise in any of those styles you should attend this free program and learn from a master. This workshop includes demonstrations and explanations of 8, 12, and 16 Bar blues, the pentatonic scale, call and response, the flatted third, modal music and more. This is a workshop that is recommended for instrumental music and choir students. Bring your instrument.   2:30 Julie Gold Songwriting Workshop Julie GoldJulie Gold got to New York in 1978 an aspiring singer/songwriter. She had lots of work and talent she didn’t get that break until joining with other songwriters in the Greenwich Village singer/songwriter scene that spawned the Songwriters Cooperative and success. Today she is a Grammy Award winning songwriter whose songs have been recorded by artists from Bette Midler and Cliff Richard to Jewel and Donna Summer. How does a song get from a tune in your head, to a song everyone is hearing in their head? Get Julie’s tips, ideas and direction for the aspiring songwriter at this free workshop, and we might even write a song together.   Masters schedule Daniel Pearl World Music Days