Stop The Sirens Campaign

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This emergency campaign has been closed. Thank you for any donations.

The Stop The Sirens Campaign is an emergency campaign that was created by the Jewish Federations of North America after being asked by the Israeli government. Due to the ongoing hostility and rocket fire in Israel from Hamas/the Gaza Strip, Israel needs your help NOW MORE THAN EVER!

By contributing to the Stop The Sirens Campaign, you will help provide:
-40,000 children a day of relief who are living in the primary zone of fire and other hot spots around the country in a quieter region. This includes day camps and special classes to provide diversion activities.

-Basic needs for the vulnerable. For the elderly and infirm, the 15-second siren warning is not long enough to make it to a shelter. Senior centers and community centers that provide food and comfort during ordinary times are now inaccessible. Food and medicine will be delivered and more caseworker visits for the elderly & disabled will be made.

-Trauma counseling & physical damage assistance. The Israel Trauma Coalition reports that 20 new cities and many other institutions have asked for assistance. For most people in Israel, the damage is not just physical. Many are dealing with emotional and mental stress including PTSD.

*100% of contributions and donations will go directly to the families and individuals in Israel who are in need.

To make a donation to this extremely important campaign, you can either call the Federation office at (810) 767-5922 or send in a check notated, “Stop The Sirens Campaign.” We ask you to please be generous when we call you to ask for your support for the Stop The Sirens Campaign in addition to our regular Annual Campaign. Israel needs our help now more than ever!